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Can I pay a visa fee and then submit the DS-160?

Very well. Since travelled to US in the past and processed many DS160 forms I believe I can answer your question. Let me tell you the simple process of DS160 and USTraveldocs profile creation. Step 1: Fill the first page of DS160. Save the Application ID and close. Step 2: Create a Profile in USTraveldocs and pay the visa fee same day. Step 3: The receipt number would reflect in your USTraveldocs profile only at the end of the day. In the mean time you can retrieve the DS160 application using the saved application ID and fill your details, verify once and submit it. Step 4: At the end of the day, your receipt number would be reflected and you can make an appointment for the OFC and Consulate interview on your preferred date and time. Remember you can complete all these process in one day itself. Apply for a Visa This website will give you more information about it.

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