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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ds 160 photo not uploaded

Instructions and Help about Ds 160 photo not uploaded

Welcome to reload Internet our store based in Paddington London Music we are going to upload our photo for the US visa and it has different requirements done for the card copy so the first of all we need to take the photo in this case we already have it Music and now we make sure that the photo are adjusted to the parameters of unity as you can see the Chinese of it down and the top is out soon as we need to do now it's to move the frame around and once we have move the frame around we can start it like with the parameters to fit it in so now we are going to crop our photo and once this crowd we have to save it for upload the main thing is that the photo has to the the photo with a series of pixels a series of of parameters of the it has to fulfill and the first of all is the size in pixels that we are going to need in this case it has to be 600 by 600 and the size must be between 1 and 230 kilobytes usually is going to give us less so it's already a smaller size but we really need to make sure that it is going to fit us to be in a JPEG format with prepare it all and simply save the file in this case it is going to be us syncing up to go the US visa troubles of state.gov and there you can go it is good we're going to have you're going to find a photo tool to see the power photo if they work that we have done is with the right word so we click on it and click on choose photo go to the rights directory and find the photo that we want to use in this case is me u.s. visa open and now using the tools that they give us we are going to adjust tekmoto really important is that the photo is completely inside the frame what does it mean for example if we have the photon out of frame like in here we can try and group it and it will not allow so what we have to do is to make sure that the photo is completely inside the frame to do so I would recommend to make the photo of slightly larger than the front frame and check that is all around it so once it's done analysis everything fit inside the biometrika Music we simply have to crop the photo once cropped we just have to close the main photo aren't sadists first of all and most important savings and in this case for example cropped me us Lisa it is going to already have cropped to the title to the old title of the border we just choose the directory where we want to save it and press.


Can I fill out the DS 160 for my fiancee?
You can, but answer everything truthfully.Also, most of the questions on the DS-160 is about your fiancee. For example, questions include addresses and dates of places lived before, addresses, dates and information on education, addresses, dates and contact information on previous work, and information on parents. Therefore, you might not be able to answer those without his help.One way to solve this is to do it together while on messenger, skype ectu2026.Here is some information about the Online Non-Immigrant Visa Application DS-160.
Is it advisable to fill out a DS-160 with your immediate relatives?
I don't think its necessary . Most of the information asked in the DS- 160 are quite straight forward and are mostly about the person applying for the visa. If you need additional information , you can always save the form and edit it after getting the information you need. Hope this helps :)
Is it okay to pay visa fees before filling out the DS-160 form?
No you canu2019t make visa fee before submitting the DS-160, because once you submit the DS-160 form, it send a email to you with submission confirmation number which is important to synch the payments under your application. Bother how will they ever know who paid for which application.
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