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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ceac visa status administrative processing

Instructions and Help about Ceac visa status administrative processing

Hello and welcome again to immigration news and views my name is David Hoffman I'm one of the managing attorneys at the npz Law Group and I'm back to share some additional information with you with regard to my recent visit to the US consulate offices in India both in in Chennai in Mumbai and in New Delhi but before that I want to remind you that the npz Law Group Nachman pavani Zumo check Law Group is a full-service immigration law firm with offices located in northern New Jersey in Ridgewood in midtown Manhattan and we also have affiliated offices in Bandra in Mumbai India and also in Montreal and in Toronto I also want to wish our viewers of course a very happy holiday wishing you all a safe happy and healthy holiday and also a very very happy 2022 New Year all the best of health and prosperity in the new year so two of the issues which I'd like to address with you today have to do with the discussions that we had with the u.s. conofficers in in Mumbai in Chennai and in New Delhi and it was a similar issue that came up as being persistent in each one of the consulate during our working group meetings with the u.s. conofficers and the first one of course has to do with administrative processing or 221 G holds that are being placed on cases so the officers had indicated we had indicated to the officers that we were very concerned about the 221 G holds and that we couldn't figure out why the holds were taking place and how we were able to judge how long they were taking place because we receive on a daily basis inquiries from clients or potential clients who all have questions about administrative holds so one of the things which we had mentioned and actually a Michael Polanyi my law partner and I six months ago when we went and visited the u.s. consulates in India had mentioned to the u.s. conofficers that we would appreciate if they were to maybe redraft forms and give a little more information rather than just to 21g denial something along the lines of why it was being denied under 221 G was it because of a security check was it because more information is needed is it some type of an investigation that's required because at least if we find out what the reason is as to why it's under a 221 G hold of the US consulate we can at least give our clients some ideas to what the amount of time might be or what additional information our clients would be able to get to the US consulate to be able to allow them to make their determination a little bit faster and one of the things I have to say is that and the consulate had mentioned of course that they have seen a reduction.


Student (F1) visa approved by Visa Officer but on the CEAC website it is showing that my visa is in Administrative Processing. What should I do?
Have you received a letter of Approval?? Don't be alarmed, if the Officer told you, your Visa was approved, it will take sometime for that decision to appear on the USCIS website. My question is, why didn't they put the Visa on your passport the same day??, Are they holding your passport??
Does CEAC show "administrative processing" for all US visa applicants even if they are approved at the consulate?
Not all Visas approved at the consulate will go through administrative processing but some that need additional checks will be under administrative processing. Nothing to Panick though if they did not give you 221g. Be patient and keep checking the site for updates.
I was approved an F1 visa but CEAC website shows it is under administrative processing. Can this, in any way, result in refusal?
I say,do not worry about your visa but try to talk with the airways so that you can flex your flight date. It can take longer than you think.Good luck.
What does it mean if your status says your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate after a B 2 visa interview?
You edited your answer for clarity, so I’ll do the same.Since you already went through the interview, that means that either it will take them a few days to get the visa printed and ready for some internal reason, or else there is some issue with your case that could not be resolved with the interview and the documents, if any, that you presented. In that case, you will have to wait for the resolution.
My H1B visa under administrative processing from last one year, any way to get the status?
You can certainly try contacting the Consulate to ask for a status update, however, you likely will get no response beyond 'it's still in processing...' You can hire an experienced attorney to assist you with this, however, even with an attorney's help, there is no guarantee you will get anywhere by contacting the consulate.Your best option may be to find a different petitioner (assuming the 221(g) was issued because of problems with the petitioner, the consulate would generally not tell you why they issued the 221(g), but if your petitioner was a consulting company and you were working off-site, likely with a mid-vendor involved, the 221(g) was probably issued because of the petitioner.)
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